Therapists are like plumbers…

Lots of people can get along just fine without them, most of the time.

  • Many people have a plunger by the toilet in case it backs up, and that’s all they need. But if a toilet is backing up regularly, it may be a sign of an underlying problem that a plumber could help find and resolve. Similarly, if your crap seems to be revisiting you a lot, maybe it’s time to call a therapist who can find the blockage and clear it.
  • If a pipe bursts, most people know how to turn off the water.  But after that, they often don’t have the tools for the job, and are too busy mopping up and wringing out.  There are options, of course.  They could leave the water shut off and start showering at the neighbour’s.  Or forego showering for a while.  Or try silly putty and duct tape.  Or call the plumber.
  • When undertaking a renovation, most people prefer to hire a plumber simply because it’s easier and faster than a DIY job. Experienced plumbers know a few “tricks of the trade” that usually make for a neater job in the end. Dealing with major life changes (whether chosen or thrust upon you) is often easier with a therapist.

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New Choices helps clients in three primary areas:

  • individual wellness and personal development
  • relationships and sexuality
  • work/career and entrepreneurial/business performance

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