There’s a reason you’re here.

There are lots of different reasons one or both people in a relationship may seek a therapist   But at a higher level, all the reasons are the same: change. If you already know what change you want (or are anticipating) in your relationship, have a look at the “About Us” page instead of the examples below.



Some common reasons for couples therapy:


Often, by the time a couple seeks help, there are some well-established patterns. For example:

  • chronic/cyclic abuse
  • addiction
  • negative communication
  • disagreements over money or sex
  • emotional distance

Or there can be a significant event that impacts the relationship:

  • infidelity
  • illness
  • job loss
  • unexpected pregnancy
  • death

Some couples come to therapy not because anything is “wrong” with their relationship, but because they believe something is missing:

  • wanting more happiness and satisfaction
  • wanting better communication and more intimacy
  • wanting more equality or more support

And others may be proactive, seeking help and advice in preparation for a significant event or change that is likely to be stressful:

  • planning to have a child
  • planning to buy a home
  • planning to get married
  • planning to start a business

No matter what the reason, everyone who seeks out therapy has one thing in common: they need or want the objectivity, knowledge and skills that a therapist has, to help them make a positive change.


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