Everyone has a different reason for seeking help.   But everyone has the same goals: to feel better and to function better.  

For some conditions, medication is helpful (or in some cases, required) to achieve the goals of feeling better and functioning better.  Depression, anxiety, bipolar illness and schizophrenia are a few examples. 

Therapy can address many problems, sometimes with the help of drugs, and often by itself.  For example:

  • low self-esteem
  • fear and anxiety
  • depression, grief or loss
  • trauma (PTSD)
  • addictions
  • sexuality issues

These problems and the results of therapy might look like this:

  • Personal and Relationship:
    • healing from an unstable childhood environment which included domestic violence, abuse and/or mental illness
    • leaving a codependent relationship with a narcissistic parent and now having a healthy relationship with that parent
    • moving from fear of intimacy and commitment to having a satisfying and healthy marriage
    • adjusting to life “after an affair” and not questioning every absence or delay
    • moving from “feeling like a freak” and having suicidal thoughts as a child or teen to being a “normal” and happy adult
    • acknowledging sexual abuse and moving from shame to acceptance of sexuality
    • dealing with the suicide or serious illness of a family member
    • moving from fear of risk and conflict to being confident in taking appropriate risks and facing conflict
  • Work/Career:
    • dealing with being “downsized”
    • after investing in a new career and finding out it has no future, learning to be happy with something less
    • after “losing it all” by staying in too long, learning the art of “letting go” at the appropriate time
    • rediscovering purpose during and after a “mid-life crisis”
    • coping with the fallout from a workplace romance and feeling okay about seeing “the ex” at work
    • avoiding/resisting a workplace romance with a supervisor or subordinate
    • moving from being a “workaholic” to having a healthy balance

Your situation is likely not listed above.  To discuss how therapy might help you, see the About Us page.


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